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Our Approach

The Handyman Approach

If it moves too much you duct tape it,

if it squeaks you WD 40 it,

and if it’s stuck you hit it with a hammer.

That’s a simple explanation of our chiropractic sports medicine approach.

Our duct tape is rehabilitation exercise for the treatment of muscle weakness or imbalance in an effort to correct joint instability.

Our WD 40 is our highly skilled soft tissue treatments of Active Release Techniques and Instrument Assisted Mobilization for the reduction of soft tissue adhesion in an effort to correct tightening and shorting of muscle, ligaments and tendons.

Our hammer is our highly skilled joint manipulation for the treatment of joint stiffness and misalignment.

It’s a multi-model (many treatment tools) approach to help our patients recover from common to complex spine and musculoskeletal conditions.